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About Catalyst and Lab Spaces

About Catalyst: A Global Collaboration Space:

cat·a·lyst  /ˈkad(ə)ləst/  a substance that increases the rate of a reaction without itself being consumed

Catalyst is a collaboration space for Accelerating Positive Impact from Science and Technology.  What happens in the Catalyst Collaboration Space? Catalyst allows collaborators to learn and accelerate projects that create positive change driven by science and technology:

  • Programs: Educational across institutions

  • Accelerated Research: High-impact application projects among collaborating researchers, industry, and government stakeholders.

  • Events: Best practices and sharing for impact acceleration

Five Design Elements that will Accelerate Advancement:

At Catalyst, we don’t prescribe all the answers.  We leave that to everyone who participates. However, we do create the space and design rules that allow science and technology-based innovation to be accelerated.  Catalyst events, programs, collaborating labs, and research projects follow these guidelines:

  1. Recommitment to Global Advancement: Academics are committed to the purpose and impact of global advancement in contrast to the advancement of a narrow discipline.

  2. Multidisciplinary breadth and depth: Redefine the scientist and engineer to be a technology leader with technical depth and multi-disciplinary breadth

  3. Multi-Intelligence (Non-Exclusionary): Appreciate that there are multiple types of intelligence. And understanding that all types, working together, are required to solve today’s problems.

  4. Impact Models: Recognize the value from different models of scientistic and technical collaboration.  For example, Steve Jobs and Niels Bohr both created impact on the world using science and technology but with different approaches.

  5. Innovation Culture: Amplify a culture of connectivity, trust, critical thinking, agency, speed, experimentation, and inductive learning

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