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Financial Systems

   Bring NEW levels of innovation to the way we do things!


Our Mission

Our mission is to lead and accelerate the transition towards a new technology-enabled financial system.​

Blockchain Developer


  • Demystify the tremendous change the finance sector will go through and provide solutions on how to navigate this change ​​

  • Highly applied research concerning the future trends in finance​​

  • Turn ideas into practice through venturing and sharing resources.​​

  • Ecosystem creation​​

  • Provide objective and solid arguments in the process of regulation of digital financial services.​​

  • Improve knowledge and literacy about digital financial services​

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Using Mobile Phones
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Project Areas

  • Adoption of emerging technologies (Blockchain, AI, Big Data, etc.)​

  • Emergence of Decentralized Finances (DeFi)​

  • Tokenization of financial instruments and RwA​

  • Surge of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)​

  • Increasing data-driven business models​

  • Open Banking and embedded finance​

  • New payment cycles ​

  • New consumer patterns and increased user experience expectations

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Speaker in front of a Crowd


A finance and technology symposium and workshop which connects global industry leaders, emerging fast-growth companies, researchers, innovative technology creators, and members of the tech community, Ie faculty and academic directors.

Financial Systems Impact Course
To be announced

  • Financial Mathematics

  • AI

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