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A global initiative to advance impact from science, technology, and new ventures


Because global advancement cannot be achieved in a silo

Researchers, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, students, regulators - all require cross-alignment to have impact

Featured Labs

In Collaboration with Catalyst Global Partners 

Catalyst is a collaboration space for universities and industry leaders to advance global impact from science and technology.  About Catalyst

Learn more about A Blueprint for A New Standard in Science & Technology

50+ Global Faculty

75+ Industry Fellows & Mentors

40+ Global Student Fellows

100s Global Ventures

Accelerating impact in the gray space between research and entrepreneurship 

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Results in ...
New Research Proposals

New Venture Pivots/Pitches
Corporate Transformation
New Academic Specializations


Collaboration Model


Verticals are the expertise areas provided by Catalyst Global Faculty: Sensors, Integrated AI, Digital Twins, Maker Labs, Carbon Capture, Blockchain, Gaming, and more. 

Horizontals are the Xceleration Labs that focus on challenges of global advancement and industry evolution problems.


Catalyst Global Faculty

Catalyst faculty from global institutions provide the expertise needed for Impact Xceleration Labs around the world:​​



  • UC Berkeley

  • Dubai Institute Of Design and Innovation | DIDI

  • University of Colorado

  • University of Illinois

  • HBKU,Qatar

  • IE University

  • Khalifa University, UAE

  • Lund University

  • NYU

  • OST, Switzerland

  • Oxford

  • Plaksha University, India

  • Prague University of Economics and Business

  • Stanford

  • Technical University of Denmark

  • TUM / UnternehmerTUM GmbH, Germany

  • UNIST, Korea

  • Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

  • University of Melbourne

  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)

Global Gateway Mentors and Fellows Support Impact Projects Across All Catalyst Partners

Impact Xcelerator bridges the gap between science and technology research and entrepreneurial ventures
Administratively hosted by IE School of Science and Technology


Ikhlaq Sidhu, Global Faculty Committee Chair

Isabel Sanchez Emmerich, Executive Director

Ken Singer, Chief Collision Officer

Jose Esteves, Chief Transformational Research Officer

Rafif Srour, Student Engagement Lead

Pamela Rolfe, Marcomm Director



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