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Catalyst Impact Lectures

Edo Segal, Touchcast, Feb 2, 2023
The Future of Web, AI, and Technology

Tags: Future of Web, AI, Metaverse, Technology

Ed Albanese, Vectara, Feb 16, 2023
AI and Search

Tags: AI, Search, Technology

Fabi Riesen, Loft Dynamics, Feb 16, 2023, via OST Switzerland
Metaverse & Virtual Reality

Tags: Virtual Reality, Metaverse, Education, Training

Adam Ahmad, Kea March 2, 2023
AI & Voice

Tags: AI, Voice, Meta, Future of Web

Amine Anoun, Evisort, March 2, 2023
AI for Law

Tags: AI, Law, Contract Management

Anada Lakra, BoldVoice, March 16th 
AI and Voice Accents


Tags: AI, Voice,

Caleb Boyd, Molten Industries, March 16th
Green Hydrogen, Synthetic Fuels

Catalyst Impact Lectures Remarks from Ikhlaq Sidhu, March 16th 

Tags: Technology Trends Analysis

Shwan Lamei, March 30th
Emulate Energy (Clean Energy)

Tags: Clean Energy

Melanie Matheu, March 30th
Prellisbio (Tissue engineering for drug discovery)

Tags: BioTech-Health

Ikhlaq Sidhu: Trends and Technology Anticipation 

Tags: Technology Trends Analysis

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