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Web, AI & Meta-Intelligence

For the Future of Webspace and Mixed Reality

A Collaboration of IE Sci-Tech and Elysium Ventures  and with Catalyst Partners


We don’t yet know how to build out or use the Web, Data/AI, Meta-verse, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Web 3.0 to solve global, industry, and academic challenges.


A Metaverse, Web 3.0, Ai. Bloackchain and Cybersecurity learning lab for global advancement & industry evolution.

How it Works

  • Virtually connected global campus resources

  • Impact Xceleration for Research, Ventures, CorporateTransformation, and Specializations

  • Connections to expertise areas/labs in sensors, digital twins, maker labs, Integrated AI, global mentors, carbon capture, virtual health, and more.

  • Xceleration areas in Metaverse, Environmental Sustainability, Healthcare, and more. 

  • Options for Educational Programs and Specializations

  • Faculty Training for next generation impact

Project Areas

  • Metaverse Health

  • Metaverse Education

  • Metaverse and the Environment

  • Metaverse and Finance


Our Story

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